AKB48 has economic effect of $200 million?

June 14, 2010 @ 9:34 pm
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AKB48, the most popular idol group in Japan, is a hot topic now due to the ''AKB48 general election.''

The election was held on June 9th to find out who the most popular member is, and the top 21 members will be able to be a part of their new single and promotion video in August.

In the election, Oshima Yuko took the title of AKB48 queen, after trailing behind during the majority of the 2 week voting period.

In order for fans to vote, they had to buy the AKB48 single CD ''Ponytail to Shushu."  Since each CD gave you one ballot paper,  some serious fans bought more than 10 CDs to vote thier favorite member.  As a result, the sales of the CD reached 650,000 copies, that means they made more than $10 million during the election.

Even though this "AKB48 sales method" is considered unethical by some, all things AKB48 are selling out.  Not only CDs but also DVDs, photobooks, live tickets, etc... According to Nikkangendai, AKB48 has an economic effect of $200 million.

Can AKB48 be instrumental in igniting the Japanese economy?  Pretty girls in bikini's - my vote is yes!

Source: Nikkan gendai


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