Tohoshinki trio sheds tears at Tokyo Dome

June 14, 2010 @ 9:30 pm
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The three members of inactive group Tohoshinki: Junsu, Jaejoong, and Yoochun held their final "Thanksgiving live'' show (2 cities, 4 stages) at the Tokyo Dome on the 13th.

The hall was swarmed by 54,000 fans.  All members started crying when they saw the joy in their fans' faces, and Jaejoong said "there are only three of us on the stage today... but this live performance is worth it, because we get to look at each of your eyes and see your smiles."

Junsu said, "Honestly, this is like a dream for us to stand on the stage of the Tokyo Dome.   All we can try to do is our best to match how much you love us," in a tearful voice.

During the concert, they sang 18 songs including 4 of their new songs.  And during their performance of "W," both Tohoshinki and their fans couldn't hold back the tears.
After all the disturbance late last year, fans were worried that they wouldn't come back, but fans were not the only ones to worry.  Yoochun told the fans "I was worried that we might not have been able to come back on stage, but thanks to you, we made it all the way here."

Total audience numbers reached 200,000 during their 4 concerts.  They are planning to release their documentary DVD on July 28th.



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