BIGBANG interview on Japanese show "PON!"

August 25, 2010 @ 5:34 pm
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Popular Korean group, BIGBANG recently appeared on a Japanese tv show titled "PON!" on NTV for a short interview to advertise the release of their recent single "BEAUTIFUL HANGOVER."

In the interview, the show questioned the members of BIGBANG if they were familiar with the girl in the picture. The girl in the picture was Shinoda Mariko from popular girl group AKB48 who is also known to be a big fan of G-DRAGON. All the members of BIGBANG immediatly knew who she was, and G-DRAGON commented that she was very beautiful. Afterwards, V.I. (Seungri) commented about the popularity of AKB48 in Korea. In addition, Shinoda Mariko recently posted a picture of her and the autographed CD which was given to her from the members of BIGBANG on her official blog page.


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