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A Kingdom Hearts 3 update is finally here!

September 29, 2010 @ 12:34 am
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People have been expressing, especially during the Tokyo Game Show, their wish to see some updates on the highly-anticipated title "Kingdom Hearts 3". Well, we've got some news, but it's pretty disappointing. Director Nomura Tetsuya has just revealed that there will be no Kingdom Hearts 3 by 2012.

Many have been speculating that since Kingdom Hearts will be celebrating its 10th anniversary on 2012, it would be the ideal time for the new release. Nomura’s interview in Dengeki declared against this hypothesis, saying that they’ll definitely be doing something for the anniversary except releasing the 3rd chapter. Although he ended this statement with a laugh, he’s certainly not joking as he revealed that Final Fantasy Versus XIII may be released instead.

Source + Photo: Anoop [email protected]


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