J.Y.J's activities in Japan halted due to investigations

September 16, 2010 @ 1:48 pm
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As many of you may know, J.Y.J's management team in Japan is the Korean company, C-JES Entertainment.  However, what you may not know is that representatives for the company are allegedly affiliated with organized crime (extortion/blackmail).

As of now, their Japanese company, Avex, is investigating the situation and allegations.  Since their contract with Avex was signed through C-JES Entertainment, if C-JES Entertainment is found guilty of the alleged crimes, J.Y.J's contract with Avex might be voided.  In relation, since the status of their contract in Korea is not fully resolved yet, there exists the possibility that this could affect the suit with SM Entertainment.

As a result of these unknown factors, Avex feels that until a solution is reached, they have an ethical obligation to cease activities.

On the bright side of things for fans, Avex does go on to say that although the situation between DBSK and SM may not have changed, Avex will do its best to resume DBSK activities in Japan.  Furthermore, all products which have already been planned to be released will not be cancelled as a result of this.

Source: Avex
Translation: Sujin


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