Ozaki Hiroya, son of Ozaki Yutaka, to debut as a radio DJ

September 29, 2010 @ 3:57 am
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Ozaki Hiroya (21), son of rock-and-roller Ozaki Yutaka, will debut as a DJ for the radio show, "CONCERNED GENERATION" (InterFM) scheduled to air on October 2nd.

The father, Ozaki Yutaka, was a charismatic singer and songwriter who created many hit songs, such as "I LOVE YOU", "15 no Yoru", and "Sotsugyou". Although he died very suddenly in 1992 due to fluid accumulation in the lungs, Yutaka remains very popular amongst fans and musicians alike, even 18 years after his death.

On the radio show, Hiroya will discuss various thought-provoking topics like "What is 'rightness'?", "What does 'love' mean?",  "What is 'work'?" with his simple and straight words, as his father did before him through his songs.

If you haven't heard any of Ozaki Yutaka's works, we've posted three of his most popular tracks below!

Source & Image: Oricon style


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