Aoi from Ayabie to go on hiatus

November 5, 2010 @ 10:15 pm
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It's been announced that Aoi from Ayabie will go on hiatus after this year.  As we reported earlier, Ayabie used to be a band with 5 members, however, all of the members except Aoi left the band, and made a new band back in August.

Aoi announced on his blog,

"It has been months since Yumehito, Takehito, Intetsu, and Kenzo left Ayabie.  There have been many feelings inside of my heart, but I was doing what I could do for fans by myself without thinking about the future.  I wanted to tell you "sorry" and "thank you" with my own mouth, so I held various fan meeting events. I wanted to carry on Ayabie by myself but when I was standing on the stage alone, I noticed that I can't sing Ayabie songs by myself.  We may be able to play Ayabie with all 5 members together someday again... until then, I should keep the Ayabie as it used to be.  Of course I have thought about disbandment, but I want to sing Ayabie songs again.  Therefore, I have decided to stop my activities as Ayabie with the dream that this 'someday' may eventually come true.  In conclusion, Yume, Takehito-kun, Intetsu-kun, Kenzo, Ryohei-kun, all staffs, and you fans, Thank you very much, and I'm sorry.  This is my decision."

Ayabie's official site also put announcement saying, "We hope the all 5 members will be able to come together to restart Ayabie again.  So with the expectation for the future, this is not a disbandment, we call it a hiatus.  Although the members will go on different ways, please continue to support them."

Aoi is planning to hold a solo live on December 24th,  and he will go on hiatus after the end of this year.

Source: natalie + Ayabie official site + Aoi's official blog


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