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NHK announces special "Kohaku" projects by hosts Arashi & Matsushita Nao

December 24, 2010 @ 1:47 am
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2010's "Kohaku Uta Gassen" is already hyping up to be a spectacular event because of the hosts and special performances lined up for this year. Well "Kouhaku" has just gotten better, as NHK announced that the hosts - Arashi (for the white team) and Matsushita Nao (for the red) - will deliver special projects for the event!

To the delight of "Ge Ge Ge no Nyobo" fans, Matsushita Nao will play "Arigatou" on the piano! "Arigatou" is the theme song for the drama, and it played whenever there was a memorable scene. Since Nao also acted in the morning drama, her piano performance is sure to be a sensation with the audience.

Arashi's project, on the other hand, draws from the members' individual journeys across Japan. Titled, "Bokutachi no Furusato Nippon (Our home, Japan)", the project is a video compilation of all the smile photos the members took during their journey. Four members have already finished shooting for the project: Sakurai Sho visited a carpenter who builds shrines and temples in Kanagawa; Aiba Masaki went to Kyoto to see a family of tea farmers; Ninomiya Kazunari visited an agricultural high school in Hokkaido; and Matsumoto Jun went to Okinawa to see the traditional dye-workers' studio.

Ohno Satoshi's shoot for the project will be held soon, however, where he decides to visit remains a secret.

Arashi will also perform a new song written by playwright Koyama Kundou about the members' reflections from their journeys. The title of the new song has not been revealed, and it hasn't been decided if it would be released in the future.

Stay tuned to tokyohive for updates!

Source: Sanspo


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