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80s idol dream team to overthrow AKB48?

January 9, 2011 @ 1:34 am
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Who could possibly take down AKB48?

The press is speculating that an upcoming four-membered group consisting of talents Sakakibara Ikue (51), Hayami Yuu (44), Matsumoto Iyo (49), and Ishino Mako (49) - all ex-idols who experienced significantly popular hits in the late 70's and 80's - may have the clout to take on AKB48.

The group announced on the 7th that they would be participating in a musical called "Heroine ~Onnatachi yo Tough de Are!~," for which they would be forming an exclusive one-time musical unit. The musical tells the story of a former idol group who, after breaking up 25 years ago, decide to perform together once more; ultimately, the plot focuses on the realities of idol life by exposing backstage stories. 12 original songs are planned to be sung in the musical, so a CD release is very likely.

As for the rumors over a new the women remain modest about their potential debut, and regard the hype as good publicity for their musical. When asked by the press "Will you be the rivals of AKB48?" Matsumoto responded, "Perfume is," causing laughter with her frankness.

Do you think that they might be able to knock AKB48 off the charts?

Source: Sanspo


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