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DOPING PANDA announces new album "YELLOW FUNK"

January 23, 2011 @ 7:31 pm
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Punk band DOPING PANDA has announced that they will be releasing their new album "YELLOW FUNK" on March 16th.

This is the first album they put out since "decadence" almost two years ago.  The album will contain previously released tracks such as "anthem" and "MIRACLE," but they will be rearranged.  "YELLOW FUNK" will have nine tracks on it, both new and rearranged older songs, so that the work will all have a fresh feel to it.



01. The anthem

02. I said

03. You can change the world

04. Because of the love

05. Song for my harmonics

06. Catastrophe

07. De la papa

08. Love song

09. The miracle

While you wait for the new rearranged tracks, check out the original versions of "anthem" and "MIRACLE!"

Source & photos : natalie


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