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heidi. releases "Gekkou Showtime" PV!

January 25, 2011 @ 2:39 am
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In anticipation of their upcoming release, visual kei band heidi. revealed the PV for their 9th single, "Gekkou Showtime"!

Scheduled to hit shelves on February 2nd, the single was already picked up to be the theme song for the film, "Maebashi, Visual Kei".

"Gekkou Showtime" will be available in two versions: 'limited edition' and 'CD-only'.  The limited edition will come with a bonus DVD that contains a 40-minute video of "heidi. no sore wa dekinai yo", a compilation of clips from "HOT WAVE". Additionally, the coupling track for the 'limited edition' has been identified as "Chaser".

The 'CD-only' version will have a different coupling song, named "Sai". Both versions will come with a remastering of the song "Yasasii Uta", and an instrumental version of the title track.

Check out the PV below:

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