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Akanishi Jin to collab with Jason Derulo for his U.S. debut

February 13, 2011 @ 1:56 pm
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Before his concert at the Nippon Budokan, Akanishi Jin personally announced in an interview that he is going to collaborate with Jason Derulo for his U.S. debut single produced by J.R. Rotem.

The song itself was made by Jason Derulo and will be fine-tuned by J.R. Rotem. Akanishi is currently recording for his new album, and said, "The song is still in production, but I can already say that it's going to become a pop song."

He also revealed that he was amazed by the talent of Jason Derulo. "I didn't know that he is only 21, and I was quite surprised!" They are said to be quite close friends already.

Akanishi himself has been aiming for a debut in the U.S. for a while now, and was glad that he finally was able to make the next step. He said, "I always thought it would be nice to be active around the world with my base here in Japan, and it feels like the important first step towards this direction."

The dates for his new Japanese album and his U.S. debut single have yet to be announced.

Source: barks.jp


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