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Hoshino Aki cosplays Creamy Mami

February 23, 2011 @ 10:04 pm
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On the 23rd KDDI held a PR event for users of au cellphones in Tokyo for a quiz tournament, “Anime King Play-offs”. Actor, Aikawa Sho, and talent, Hoshino Aki, were in attendance. Hoshino came out in cosplay of the popular anime character “Creamy Mami”. She excitedly said, “I completely turned into her. I’m so happy”.

Hoshino is an experienced cosplayer, but has never cosplayed Mami before. “This is my first time cosplaying Mami, I’m pretty excited”. She then commented about how she wanted to wear it in Akihabara, but Aikawa warned, “If you go out there like that, what would happen?”

The press asked Hoshino if her boyfriend, horse racing jockey, Miura Kousei, had ever seen her cosplay before. Hoshino blushed and said, “I can’t show him. If he doesn’t know who Mami is, then he probably wouldn’t get it”.

Questions were naturally asked about marriage, but she left the venue without answering them.


Source: Sanspo


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