Korea's Lee Hong Ki to appear in "Muscle Girl!" with Ichikawa Yui

February 14, 2011 @ 5:58 am
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Korean rock band F.T. Island will be lending one of its members, Lee Hong Ki, to team up with actress Ichikawa Yui to star in the upcoming April drama, “Muscle Girl!”.

Lee Hong Ki is gradually getting noticed for his strong vocals and handsome looks. His band had debuted in Japan in May 2010, and the rock star also acted in the K-drama, “You’re Beautiful”, which aired through FujiTV’s drama section “Korean Wave α”.

This spring, Lee Hong Ki was play a leading role opposite Ichikawa. "Muscle Girl!" will be his first Japanese drama project, and the star confessed, “I’m worried about memorizing my lines perfectly, but I’ll do my absolute best!”

Ichikawa plays the president of a female pro-wrestling organization that is suffering financially. She unexpectedly meets a young Korean man (Lee Hong Ki) and starts to fall in love with him. Since the drama is a youth sports comedy, viewers can expect to see some exciting matches between Ichikawa's organization and its rivals. .

F.T. Island will also be providing the theme song for the drama. Stay tuned to tokyohive for further updates!

Source: Oricon
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