Morita Suzuka is growing up in "Young Animal"

February 24, 2011 @ 9:24 pm
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Idoling!!! cutie-pie and everyone's beloved Shinken Yellow, Morita Suzuka, is showing us how much she has grown in the newest issue of "Young Animal".

Morita turned 18 last year and while still preserving the cute charm of a younger sister, she is trying hard to become a mature young woman. She has already tried out a lot of things in her young career, but she still wants to do all kind of things this year. Variety shows, drama, movies, plays, gravure photo shoots, studying... she wants to do all of it, although the latter is more of a necessity. Soon she is going to graduate from senior high school.

Last year she openly talked about how her busy schedule is making it difficult for her to keep up with school, but she promised to herself that she is going to study a lot in order to be able to graduate together with everyone else.

Shinkenger, Go Forth!! Too bad the series ended this month, but you can still enjoy the photos below.


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