Otsuka Ai gives advice for fellow expectant mothers

February 28, 2011 @ 9:04 pm
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As we reported back in September, singer-songwriter Otsuka Ai is expecting her first child with RIP SLYME's SU. On February 26th, Otsuka gave pregnancy advice on her radio show, after finding out that one of her listeners who called in was also pregnant.

She asked the listener, "Are you eating broccoli? You need to because it contains a lot of folic acid."

Otsuka also talked about how happy she was with her pregnancy and that on a recent shopping trip with her husband, she excitedly purchased diapers for the baby. She thanked SU, saying she is "grateful for her husband's support." Her first child will be due in April.

Source: TechInsight via Excite
Photo: Sports Hochi


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