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Cast members of "Koukou Debut" send encouragement to earthquake victims

March 29, 2011 @ 7:54 am
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On March 28th, main cast members of the upcoming movie "Koukou Debut", which Mizobata Junpei and Ohno Ito star in, gathered at Tokyo FM Hall, and sent yells for earthquake victims.

This day was planned to be a private showing for the movie, however, it was changed to the event to send the supportive messages to the victims.  Other than Mizobata and Ohno, Suda Masaki, Aizawa Rina, Furukawa Yuki, Okamoto Rei, Miyazawa Sae (AKB48), Masuda Yuka (AKB48), and Tsukaji Muga (Drunk Dragon) also showed up.

Mizobata said, "Although I may only have poor ability, I think it's my mission (as an actor) to send yells to everybody.  I hope this movie would be the trigger to make people smile a bit."  Ohno said, "It's heartbreaking to think about people who have been affected.  I want to continue doing small things I can do, such as saving on electricity and donating.  Since this is a very cheerful movie, I wish we could send this to the victims someday."

At the event, it was confirmed that they will hold a charity auction with costumes and goods which were used in the movie, and they will donate the money through Japan Red Cross Society.

"Koukou Debut" will be released on April 1st as scheduled.

Source & Photo: MANTAN WEB


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