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Fuji-Q amusement park creates EVANGELION-themed hotel room

March 4, 2011 @ 8:35 am
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The official hotel for Yamanashi prefecture's amusement park, 'Fuji-Q Highland', has created a unique guest room called the "EVANGELION : ROOM".

Based on the character of 'Ayanami Rei' from the popular anime series, 'NEON GENESIS EVANGELION', the room at the Highland Resort Hotel & Spa is decorated almost entirely in white and light blue, the key colors for Rei. The logo for 'NERV' is also scattered around the room.

The double bed is designed like an entry plug for an Evangelion machine, where you can lounge and watch DVDs. The voice touch panel on the wall and the morning call message both feature original recordings done in Rei's voice. A life-size figurine of Ayanami Rei also stands in the corner of the room.

At check-in, guests are given a black light and told to search for a secret message on a wall in the room. When the mission is completed, a special gift is given.

Bathroom amenities (toothbrush, comb, shampoo, etc.) can be found inside an original design Evangelion tote bag. The tissue box, "Don't Disturb/Make Up Room" cards, indoor slippers, and laundry bag also follow the designs from the anime. Guests are allowed to take all the goods home with them after their stay.

There's only one "EVANGELION : ROOM" to be found in the entire hotel. The room holds 2 guests and start at 37,000 yen (~$452 USD) per night, but can go up to 48,000 yen (~$586 USD). Reservations can be made online through their official website.

Source & Photo: mycomi journal & official Highland Resort website


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