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Mano Erina shows off her schoolgirl charm

April 14, 2011 @ 8:23 pm
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Singer Mano Erina updated her blog today with a picture where she's posing and look very cute in a charming school cardigan. Even though she's just turned 20, she's still hanging on to her youthful look!

Mano wrote on her official blog, "I've just come back from rehearsals for the Fan Club event on the 16th! I want to have a great event that will put smiles on everyone's faces!" She added, "There will also be a collection box at the event for donations to the Tohoku earthquake relief efforts. Everyone who's coming to the event, let's make the power of your smiles reach everyone in the disaster area... and in the event on the 16th, there's something I want to show everyone (*^ー^*) And I'm trying something new so I hope it'll be a success!"

Fans commented excitedly about the event, saying "Something you want to show us? Trying something new? I wonder what it is, I really can't wait!", and "Is the thing you want to show us maybe... chugging an entire drink now that you're 20? Haha!"

Source: Mano Erina Official Blog


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