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MONKEY MAJIK to hold charity live for disaster victims

April 9, 2011 @ 5:22 am
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We previously reported that the band MONKEY MAJIK would be unveiling a "big announcement" on April 8th, and now their official website has been updated with their news!

The Sendai-based rock band has revealed that they will be holding their own special charity live titled "SEND AI" at a concert hall just outside of Osaka Castle. Despite being victims of the natural disaster themselves, MONKEY MAJIK will be donating all proceeds from the concert on July 3rd to public institutions who are currently helping out in the affected areas.

After the members and the staff talked together about what they could do to help (even more), the group came to the decision that holding a charity live was one of the ways that they could help restore the Tohoku area that the band had been "born and raised in". Osaka was chosen as the location for the live for symbolic reasons, as the area had experienced its own massive earthquake sixteen years before.

Both Maynard Plant and Blaise Plant have been highly active as volunteers during this time, tweeting important information immediately after the 9.0 magnitude earthquake, cleaning up hard-hit areas, and even dedicating a song to those affected by the disaster.

Source: Oricon & MONKEY MAJIK's Official Website


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