Inoue Mao wears a white kimono for the first time in NHK's "Ohisama"

May 31, 2011 @ 3:58 am
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Actress Inoue Mao (24) is currently starring  as the heroine in NHK’s morning drama, “Ohisama”.

On May 29th it was reported that, through the drama, Inoue wore a white kimono for the first time in her life. Inoue commented on the wedding scene where she wears a white kimono, “I’ve wanted to wear one someday, so I’m glad I was able to wear one through this drama”.

The drama’s producer, Komatsu Masayo, witnessed filming all day, “She’s an actress, but she looked a bit embarrassed to wear an outfit like that. Though Mao always presents herself nobly, this time she looked a little bashful”.

Check out "Ohisama" on NHK from Monday through Saturday at 8 AM!

Source: Oricon


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