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Visual Kei band MERRY announces their first album in two years!

May 26, 2011 @ 9:15 pm
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It's been two years since Visual Kei band MERRY released an album, but with this year being their 10th anniversary, they have decided on announcing a new album. "Beautiful Freaks" will release this summer on July 27th and will be the band's 7th full album.

The album will contain 16 songs ranging from punk to retro-rock, and it will come in three editions: limited edition A, limited edition B, and normal edition.

Limited editions A & B will come with a DVD, where "A" will contain a document from the live, "MERRY SONIC 10 WINTER ~Special 2 Night 'Kuroi Hitsuji'~", and "B" will contain the document, "Shiroi Hitsuji".


MERRY is also celebrating their 10th anniversary with an anniversary tour, "MERRY 10th Anniversary TOUR 2011 Beautiful 'Beautiful Day'" and "Freaks Day".

"Beautiful Day" will start at the end of July on the 29th at Kanagawa F.A.D. YOKOHAMA, while "Freaks Day" will start on August 2nd at Saitama HEAVEN'S ROCK. The tour will end on August 28th at Nagoya OZON, and the first shows of each tour will be fan club only.


Additionally, MERRY has opened an official YouTube account and has uploaded a couple of interviews, so check it out!

Source: natalie


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