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Amuro Namie's song "Tempest" becomes theme song to period drama of same name

June 28, 2011 @ 6:29 am
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Amuro Namie
's newest song, "Tempest", has become the theme song to a new period drama by NHK, titled "Tempest"!

The luxurious new period drama is set in the Ryuukyuu Dynasty, and tells the story of a beautiful and talented young woman who lies about her gender to become a government official. The drama is based on the short novel of the same name by Ikegami Eiichi, and will star Nakama Yukie as the protagonist, Mazuru. Joining Nakama in the cast are top stars such as Tanihara Shousuke, Tsukamoto Takashi, Takaoka Saki, GACKT, and Uehara Takako (SPEED).


According to reports, the song is a grandiose ballad that was written specifically for the drama and produced by Nao'ymt. When asked about her new track, Amuro responded, "This time, I was able to sing about the feelings that Mazuru - burdened to live out her destiny as a man for the future of Ryuukyuu - is hiding inside herself as a woman."

The song is just one of three A-sides from the Queen of Hip-Pop's upcoming triple A-side single, "NAKED / Fight Together / Tempest". The other two A-sides have already been claimed as the CM song for Kose "ESPRIQUE" and as the theme song to the popular anime "ONE PIECE".


The drama will begin airing through NHK's BS Premium channel every Sunday beginning on July 17th. "Tempest" is currently scheduled to run for ten episodes.

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