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D=Out introduces their debut song "ROMAN REVOLUTION" during Visual Kei tour

June 28, 2011 @ 7:04 pm
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On June 25th, the Visual Kei tour ‘PS COMPANY PRESENTS TRIBAL ARIVALL TOUR 2011’, came to an end at SHIBUYA-AX located in Tokyo.

The tour featured seven different Visual Kei artists, including Alice Nine, SuG, and ViViD. During this concert, five-member band D=Out performed their new debut single, “ROMAN REVOLUTION”, for the crowd, giving them a taste of the song before their official major label debut on July 27th.

During the concert at SHIBUYA-AX, the band announced that they would be holding their own concert live on November 23rd at the same venue. After hearing this announcement, the fans yelled and screamed words of encouragement and support. D=Out is also scheduled to participate another live tour starting on July 20th - titled ‘Kira Kira Summer Typhoon!! Tour 2011’ - with bands like SuG and ViViD.

Check out photos of D=Out from the event below!

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Source + Photos: Oricon


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