flumpool's vocalist to appear solo in a CM for 'Mobage'

June 15, 2011 @ 12:01 pm
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's vocalist, Yamamura Ryuta, will be appearing solo in the upcoming CM for the mobile game site "Mobage", which will start airing on June 15th. Yamamura stated, "The filming was limited to early mornings and I had to sing with just one guitar, so I was challenged with a different atmosphere."

The CM is a story that consists of four episodes where the lyrics tie-in with the final episode as Yamamura sings enthusiastically with a guitar by the lake. The words that are brought forth by Yamamura picks up a melody and becomes a song. This process, and his natural voice, adds a documentary touch to the CM.

The producer, Yanai Michihiko, explained, "The song alone is the message of the CM. The words of Yamamura overlaps the will of Mobage. The CM was filmed at the beautiful Inawashiro Lake in Fukushima. The film crew came out during this hard time. That is how encouraging the people of Fukushima are. I am very thankful for Mobage and flumpool for their understanding and support."

The song that will be used in the CM is flumpool's new song, "Donna Mirai ni mo Ai wa Aru", which will be released as a single on July 27th. Yamamura commented, "We are living in times where the future is unclear. I wrote this song hoping to bring a smile upon as many people as possible. I will be happy if the message of 'Donna Mirai ni mo Ai wa Aru' will encourage those who are living positively."

Source & Photo: Oricon


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