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Kato Shigeaki & Joshima Shigeru's "6gatsu no Bitter Orange" holds first performance in Tokyo

June 5, 2011 @ 4:32 am
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On June 3rd, the stage production "6gatsu no Bitter Orange" - starring TOKIO's Joshima Shigeru, NEWS member Kato Shigeaki, and ex-Takarazuka Revue star Asami Hikaru - held its first performance in Tokyo.

In this complex family drama, Kato and Joshima act as two brothers who reunite for the first time in seven years. Since their father has only one month to live, he throws his family into a commotion when he confesses that he wants to marry a mysterious woman thirty years younger than him.

Prior to the performance, the cast gathered for an interview about their latest production. "It really makes your heart pound as the story unfolds," said Kato when asked about the play. "I think it's become quite an interesting production. I hope we blow away your rainy day feelings with our stage."

"6gatsu no Bitter Orange" also marks the first time that Joshima has appeared in a theater production in about fifteen years, so the event was an important one for the TOKIO member.

"6gatsu no Bitter Orange" will continue with further performances at this venue until the 26th.

Source: News24


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