Koyuki in a custom wedding dress for "Tantei wa BAR ni Iru" film!

June 9, 2011 @ 12:59 pm
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Teaser pictures of actress Koyuki wearing a wedding dress for her role in the upcoming movie "Tantei wa BAR ni Iru" were released today.

Back in April, the actress got married to actor Matsuyama Kenichi, but unfortunately they announced that they aren't planning to hold a ceremony. However, with the new teaser images, we at least get to see Koyuki in a beautiful white dress.


"Tantei wa BAR ni Iru" is based on the second novel, "Bar ni Kakatte Kita Denwa", in Azuma Naomi series, "Susukino Tantei". It features Oizumi Yo in the leading role, a heavy drinker and private detective in Susukino, a red-light district in Sapporo, and Matsuda Ryuhei as his partner Takada. They end up investigating a case that happened in a high-class club where they come across its beautiful madam called Saori, played Koyuki.

Being a man who easily falls for beautiful woman, Oizumi's character continuously gets manipulated by Saori throughout his investigations. On the outside she acts like a tragic widow grieving over the death of her husband, who was the president of an influential business group, but on the inside she is actually a wicked woman who can't wait to get remarried as soon as possible.


Everything about the wedding dress Koyuki is wearing in the movie had to be custom-made, and it used the best silk you can get in Japan. She even exchanged her own ideas about the overall design with stylist Oshida Hiromi.

Koyuki commented, "The whole dress was made from scratch with the image of the character in mind, and I'm very pleased with the result. All the outfits can easily compete with 'SEX and the CITY'."


At the front, the beautiful dress doesn't expose a lot of skin and looks really neat and clean, but at the backside it is much more low-cut than a normal wedding dress. This design is supposed to hint at the two sides of her role.

Koyuki's thoughts about the character, "I think the two sides make her very attractive. She has two different characters, one you can see from the outside and another one she is keeping hidden inside herself."

"Tantei wa BAR ni Iru" will open in Japan on September 10th.

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Source: Oricon


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