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Model Masuwaka Tsubasa to make her singing debut as "Milky Bunny"

June 3, 2011 @ 10:21 am
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Popular "Popteen" model and talento Masuwaka Tsubasa has announced that she'll be making her debut as a singer this summer!

Under the stage name of "Milky Bunny", Masuwaka will release her first single "Bunny Days" on July 20th. The song is said to describe that time just before a girl changes from just being a friend to being a guy's girlfriend, in order to help cheer on girls who are in love.


When asked about her stage name, Masuwaka responded that the word "Milky" represented quietness, while "Bunny" represented liveliness. The two contradictory traits are meant to describe a charming girl, in addition to the various sides of herself she'd like to show as a musician.


"Bunny Days" has already been claimed as a CM song for "CandyDoll" and will begin airing in commercials beginning on June 16th.

Stay tuned for more on Milky Bunny's debut single!

Source: Oricon


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