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SKE48 to participate in "Paranormal Activity 2" release event!

June 21, 2011 @ 6:07 pm
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Earlier today, it was announced that SKE48’s Oya Masana, Kato Rumi, and Yagami Kumi will part take in Paranormal Activity 2’s Blu-ray and DVD sale event on July 6th.

At this event, the three members of SKE48 will experience “Sugoku Kowai Entertainment” (“Extremely Scary Entertainment”) in a “Paranormal House”, a venue created just for this event. “Sugoku Kowai Entertainment” includes scaring the members during their interview about their views on Paranormal Activity 2 and performing other supernatural activities on the members.

Oya commented in regards to this event, “I am really weak against horror stories and stuff like that, so I am not sure if I can handle this well, but I will try my best.

Another member, Yagami, stated, “I loved the movie so I will participate in this event as a fan.”

One of my skills is to mime, and I would love to show the audience this movie’s positive attributes through that,” said Kato.

The event will be available live on Ustream on July 6th, and further details will be available through official announcements from Paranormal Activity 2’s Twitter.

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