Tamaki Hiroshi joins the cast of upcoming movie "Yamamoto Isoroku"!

June 16, 2011 @ 5:45 am
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It has been revealed that actor Tamaki Hiroshi will star in “Rengou Kantai Shirei Choukan Yamamoto Isoroku” alongside Yakusho Koji.

He will be playing the role of a young news reporter from the "Tokyo Daily Newspaper" named Shindou Toshikazu. While the character only has a few lines to speak, he is a man of justice who is able to calmly grasp the surrounding opinions and conditions, investigating the truth.


This film is based on the life of Yamamoto Isoroku, who planned and commanded the attack of Pearl Harbor 70 years ago, leaving a mark in Japanese history. While appealing the cooperation between Japan and America, the film also portrays the planning strategy which was unable to avoid war and the real image of a leader.

During the war, radios and newspapers were the only form of media. With the newspaper being such a big influence, they convinced the public on their side, supporting the outbreak of war.

Tamaki’s character, Shindou, also was in favor of war until he met Yamamoto Isoroku. Among the aggressive news reporters who sang war hymns to convince an overwhelming amount of people, Shindou was the only one who was wondered if Japan was headed in the right direction.

Tamaki had an image that news reporters swiftly delivered the real truth in writing and photos. He stated, "Now that there are many forms of mass media, I think the information often becomes complicated, creating serious trouble. But how the information we gain from newspapers influences the world hasn't changed from the past. I felt the importance of clarifying the truth to the world through this role."

In addition, Kagawa Teruyuki, Seto Asaka, and Tanaka Rena will also appear in the film.

The filming is planned to wrap up in mid-August.

Source & Photo: Oricon & Yomiuri


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