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Yaguchi Mari cheers on Goto Maki at AEON Topvalu event

June 28, 2011 @ 11:30 am
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During an event for AEON Topvalu on June 27th, Dream Morning Musume member Yaguchi Mari shared her thoughts about Goto Maki's recent decision to go on hiatus.

The event was held to celebrate the release of the company's new beer brand, "BARREAL", which became available in stores last June. To celebrate, AEON Topvalu plans to launch a new line of reduced sugar "BARREAL" beer on June 28th.

Since Yaguchi recently married, comedian Aida Shouko said to her, "An evening drink is the happiest thing. When you do that, even if you're just talking about your day, you'll feel satisfied." She then added, "I love drinking as a couple. You know you've really hit it off with someone when you're competing to see how much you can drink."

When asked about Goto, Yaguchi expressed her shock over the news about the former Morning Musume member's decision to stop her activities as a celebrity and live a more normal life for a while. "I was surprised," she commented. "But I want her to be happy. She'll be able to be the girl 'Goto Maki' from now on (rather than the celebrity), so I want to support her through this important time."

Yaguchi was also asked about children during the event, which made her smile. "I'd like kids, when I have the chance. But since I'm doing Dorimusu right now, I'd like to be able to carry out the live performances. I think it'd be hard if I were dancing around," she said.

Source: Oricon


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