Yamada Ryosuke + Chinen Yuri to voice act for the Japanese version of "The Smurfs"

June 7, 2011 @ 3:47 am
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Hey! Say! JUMP
's Yamada Ryosuke will attempt voice-acting for the first time in the Japanese dub of "The Smurfs"!

Yamada will be joined by his fellow Hey! Say! JUMP member Chinen Yuri for the upcoming 3D movie, which will make its debut in America on July 29th. The film revolves around the cute blue characters as they try to find their way back to their village before the evil wizard Garamel finds them.

"I'm receiving advice from Chinen, who has experience as a voice actor, so I don't ruin the cute image of the Smurfs," said Yamada, who will tackle his first voice-acting role with the character "Clumsy Smurf". "I want to do my best with him!"

Chinen - who will voice "Friendly Smurf" - replied, "I did try voice acting once in the past, but I had a lot of trouble with it... I think it'll be hard this time, but I want little me to play a little blue elf!"

The movie will begin airing in Japan on September 9th.

Source: Cinema Today & Hollywood Channel


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