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Hasegawa Jun makes first public appearance after announcing her engagement!

July 1, 2011 @ 11:22 pm
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On July 1st, model Hasegawa Jun made her first public appearance at the "Bvlgari Brilliant Dreams Award" ceremony after announcing her surprise engagement just a few days ago.

At the event, Hasegawa was full of smiles and thanked the presenter and press for their blessing. She didn't reveal the marriage date, but nodded with a smile when asked, "Are you happy?"

The "Bvlgari Brilliant Dreams Award" started in 1999, presenting the award to radiant people with dreams and goals, and those who embody the spirit of Bvlgari. In the past, Hasegawa Kyoko, Kuroki Meisa, and Nakata Hidetoshi have won this award. In a sexy dress, Hasegawa expressed, "Bvlgari is simple yet a high quality brand. I am very honored to be given such a beautiful award."

This year, soccer player Miura Kazuyoshi also won the award. He presented Hasegawa with a white lei to celebrate her engagement. Miura stated, "I thought I would be out of place. Things like this, I always left it up to Hide (Nakata Hidetoshi). I'm happy to receive the award. I'm so glad I continued to play soccer. I will do my best from here on."

Check out photos from the ceremony below!

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Source + Photos: Oricon


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