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Hoshino Aki is a chicken for KFC

July 5, 2011 @ 3:40 pm
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Hoshino Aki attended a press event for Kentucky Fried Chicken's (KFC) next generation of stores. She appeared at the event wearing a chicken hat and even showcased some poses.

During her high school years, Hoshino's first part time job was at KFC because she wanted to eat a lot of fried chicken. She commented, "I want the President to wear this hat!" pleading the President of the company to join her in wearing the hat. Although a bit hesitant at first, President Watanabe Masao eventually posed as a chicken along with Hoshino.

Lately, Hoshino has been going to cooking school with fellow talent Ogura Yuko. When asked who she thinks will get married first, she commented, "I wonder. I think Yukorin (Ogura's pet name) will be first," ending her statement with a little giggle.

Here are some photos from the press event!

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Source: SANSPO


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