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SHINee holds debut event for fans in Tokyo

July 29, 2011 @ 1:13 pm
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Korean male idol group SHINee held their debut event on July 28th at Tokyo Nakano Sun Plaza. The group performed their debut single, "Replay ~ Kimi wa boku no Everything~", as well as three other songs. Additionally, they announced that they would be releasing their second single, "JULIETTE" on August 29th.

Main vocalist Jonghyun gave a hint about their new song, saying, "It's a song that'll make your heart race."

This debut event will continue until August 11th, as it visits various cities across Japan. By the end of the debut event tour, SHINee will have catered to approximately 30,000 fans.

Check out some photos from the debut event below!

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Source: SANSPO


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