Takaoka Sousuke to leave his agency after making controversial tweets

July 28, 2011 @ 11:08 am
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On July 28th, actor Takaoka Sousuke announced through his official Twitter that he will be resigning from his agency.

The actor recently stirred a controversy with an inflamatory series of tweets, bashing 'Hallyu' ('Korean Wave)' in Japan.

Takaoka commented, "From one tweet, it became a big sensation. I have caused trouble to people who are related to the agency. I know this is the logical consequence." He continued, "To everyone who has supported and assisted me, thank you very much."

Immediately after, he wrote, "I'm not hoping to be viewed as wise. I'm hoping for citizens to make wise decisions. Once again, I'm able to see a new light."

Source: Oricon


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