GOING UNDER GROUND to sing poignant theme song for movie, "Hara ga Kore Nande"

August 16, 2011 @ 7:47 am
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Rock band GOING UNDER GROUND will be providing their new song "Ai Nante" for the upcoming movie, "Hara ga Kore Nande", which will hit theatres in November.

The movie is a heart-warming comedy telling the story of a pregnant woman (Naka Riisa) who feels obligated to save peoples' lives.

The theme song was personally requested by director Ishii Yuya, who's known for his movies "Kawa no Soko kara Konichiwa" and "Azemichi no Dandy". Ishii approached the band's vocal and guitarist Matsumoto Sou and said, "I want you to write the song after watching the movie."

Matsumoto commented, "I believe I was asked to write the theme song in February. The director requested, 'Write the song after watching the movie'. Then the March 11th disaster hit Tohoku and brought a shadow upon all of Japan. Honestly, there were many times when I almost lost sight of myself thinking, 'It's not the time to be writing songs'."

He continued, "During that time, I watched 'Hara ga Kore Nande'. It was loving, funny, and powerful; a wonderful movie that filled the hole in my heart. I then wrote 'Ai Nante' with director Ishii. This song is the movie's theme song, but it is also our spirit."

Stay tuned for more information on the release of "Ai Nante"!

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