Niwa Mikiho sheds her "pretty-girl-image" in 'Weekly Playboy'

August 14, 2011 @ 4:15 am
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Popular idol and fashion model, Niwa Mikiho - member of the group Canary Club, was featured in the most recent edition of 'Weekly Playboy'.

Niwa is known and loved for her very cute and pretty image, but this young lady will turn 22 next month. It's time for her to sport a more refined and mature image.  Being the idol that she is, she marks her transition to adulthood in the form of a gorgeous pictorial.

The photos are sensual and more adult-like than her previous works.  She gives her fans a nice taste of the direction for her upcoming photobooks and DVDs.

Check out the fresh and beautiful pictures below!


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[Get the high-res pictures here!]


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