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Sukima Switch announces new album "musium" + tour

August 31, 2011 @ 8:47 am
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During their performance at the "Odaiba Gasshukoku 2011 Mezamashi Live" on August 30th, Sukima Switch announced that they will be releasing a new album in October!

The duo performed to an enthusiastic crowd, playing  popular songs like "Guarana" and"Golden Time Lover". "Thank you very much!," they said to the audience before continuing with "Sentimental Hometown", "view", and the ballad "Saigo no Hi". By the time they wrapped up their mini-concert with "Zenryoku Shounen", approximately 5,000 fans had gathered to hear them perform.

Amidst cheers for an encore, Sukima Switch announced to the crowd that they will be releasing their fifth album "musium" on October 15th, followed by a nationwide tour. "musium" is the duo's first new album in nearly two years, and its concept is said to be like a 'Sukima Switch musical museum' (music + museum = musium). The pop album will incorporate a variety of different genres for an all-around wonderful listening experience.

Sukima Switch will embark on a tour titled "Sukima Switch TOUR 2012 'musium'" in support of their new album, beginning with a performance at Kawaguchi Lilia Hall on January 19th. The tour continues until April 21st for a total of 32 performances in 29 different locations.

Check out the track list and covers for "musium" below!


< Track List >
01. Jikan no Tomekata
02. Ice Cream Syndrome (album ver.)
03. Ishikoro Days
04. L to R
05. Song Liar
06. Sentimental Hometown
07. Saigo no Hi (album ver.)
08. Andersen
09. Smoky Rainy Blue
10. Hare Tokidoki Kumo
11. Mata ne.

Source + Photos: Barks


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