Takei Emi to star in new CM for "Nisshin SPA Ou"

August 18, 2011 @ 8:11 pm
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On August 18th, actress Takei Emi attended the product launch event for "Nisshin SPA Ou", as its new CM character.

The CM portrays a break-up story of Takei and her boyfriend, 'Pasta Pot'. She says, "I'm sorry... there's another pasta I like," and continues, "It tastes better than what you boil."

When asked about her own love life, she answered, "I've never really talked about breaking up. But, if I liked someone else, I would tell them. I probably won't hesitate to talk about it."

Takei, who says she eats pasta three to four times a week, confessed, "I make pasta the most. It's most difficult to make the noodles al dente. I've never succeeded yet." Regarding her specialty pasta dish, she shared, "Probably the ones with tomato sauce. It's the easiest... although my femininity might drop. I will do my best!"

When the reporter asked if her type was "al dente", she replied, "Hm~ soft and hard... someone who is just right."

The new CM for "Nisshin SPA Ou" will air starting August 25th.

Source: Oricon


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