Uchino Masaaki and Ichiro Maki file for divorce

August 18, 2011 @ 5:47 pm
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On August 18th, actor Uchino Masaaki and actress Ichiro Maki officially filed their divorce.

A joint statement was made via FAX, "After thoroughly talking about our families and our futures, we decided to each pursue our own path with a positive mindset."

Uchino and Ichiro met on the set of "Elizabeth", and immediately started dating. The two married back in July 2006, and welcomed their first daughter in October of the same year. Last September, Uchino was involved in a cheating scandal, and he was also caught drinking and driving. Since then, there were rumors that the two were living separately, and heading towards a divorce. Unfortunately, the rumors became true.

Source: Daily Sports


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