Hamada Gaku marries supermodel Koizumi Miyuki

September 10, 2011 @ 2:16 am
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It's just been revealed that actor Hamada Gaku (23) married model Koizumi Miyuki (32) in late July!

Koizumi is a supermodel from Niigata with exotic facial features. She boasts an impressive resume, as she's modelled in the Paris Collection, and currently stars in the CM for "Kao Sofina Body". Koizumi is 5'10", while Hamada is 5'3", making them the newest 'height difference' couple in the entertainment industry.

According to officials, the two met about a year ago through a mutual friend, and immediately started dating. While their relationship has never been reported, they would stand out during their dates because of their 7-inch height difference. Hamada and Koizumi also participated in the chorus of singer Saito Kazuyoshi's "Don't cry baby" last year.

Although the two have a gap in both age and height, they both realized the importance of each other's presence, and officially registered their marriage in late July. The couple's friends and close associates were apparently already aware of their marriage.

Hamada is currently starring in the drama, "Piece Vote", and his movie, "Potechi", is scheduled to hit theatres next spring.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Source: Sanspo


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