SKE48 to get their own regular show on NTV

September 27, 2011 @ 9:37 pm
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Starting this October, idol group SKE48 will finally have their own regular TV show on NTV after AKB48 and NMB48.

The new late-night show is called "SKE48 no Magical Radio" and will further strengthen NTV's position as being the best place for idol shows. After all, they're already hosting two regular AKB48 shows, "Naruhodo! High School" and "AKBINGO", as well as one regular NMB48 show called "Naniwa Nadeshiko". It was only a matter of time for SKE48 to join this line-up.

The three members Matsui Jurina, Matsui Rena, and Takayanagi Akane will serve as the main characters of "SKE48 no Magical Radio". Moreover it's said that the vibe of the show is going to feel like variety show disguised as a drama.

Takayanagi is going to mime the radio host of a third grade radio show of a fictional radio station in Nagoya who suddenly gets forced to co-host the show together with former child actress Matsui Jurina in order to attract more listeners. Matsui Rena is going to act as the director who loves radio more than anything else.

In addition to the three main characters, we are going to see Audrey's Wakabayashi Masayasu acting as the writer of the radio show and actor Sato Jiro as the producer. However, the other girls of SKE48 also get to appear on the show in the roles of the assistant director, sponsors, and other characters.

The main point of the show is the fact that there will be no real script, forcing everyone in the cast to ad-lib according to the situation and their respective characters.

Matsui Jurina commented, "Being one of the younger girls in the group, I think there are a lot of similarities between my real self and my role. Through this show I want people to feel like, 'Ah~ so that's the kind of girl Jurina really is!'"

Takayanagi added, "I was surprised that it seems to be more like a regular drama than I imagined. There is a lot of pressure, but also a lot of joy, since it always has been my dream to become an actress. I'd like to show you my real personality as well as a new side of Takayanagi."

Matsui Rena was overjoyed to record her first regular show in Tokyo as well. She said, "There's going to be three main characters, but the other members are also going to appear on the show. I think it's a wonderful show, because even fans of regular dramas will be able to enjoy it. I've never tried ad-libbing before, but I hope we will be able to fill the show it lots of fun content. I can't wait to start the recording!"

"SKE48 no Magical Radio" will air every Tuesday night at 1:29am. The first episode will air on October 11th at 1:59 am.

Source: Mantan-Web


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