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YUI holds a free live on the streets of Shanghai

September 25, 2011 @ 2:43 am
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On September 24th, singer-songwriter YUI held a free live on the streets of Shanghai. It is very unusual for a Japanese singer to perform live on the streets as the security is very tight in China.

While there was almost no advanced notices for the live, many young people stopped to listen to YUI sing a total of 4 songs as she strummed her guitar.

Following her street live, YUI then sang on a special stage at Hisamitsu Department Store in Jing'an Temple, where over 1,500 fans gathered to watch her perform. A female office worker from Shanghai commented, "I like YUI's style."

On the 25th, YUI will perform at 'Shanghai Japan Week' at Shanghai International Studies University to introduce Japan's music and culture.

Source + Picture: Jiji


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