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Christmas came early again for KFC and Ayase Haruka

October 21, 2011 @ 3:32 pm
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It seems like Christmas has arrived early for KFC and their image character, actress Ayase Haruka, as they've introduced the '2011 KFC Christmas Campaign' commercial at a PR event in Tokyo today.

Ayase attended the event with her already well-known Santa Clause outfit for KFC and promoted the fast food chain. She said, "Christmas means eating a Kentucky barrel set together with the whole family."

The actress is already used to wearing the Christmas outfit early, since it's a tradition for KFC to launch a similar campaign around the same time every year. She commented, "Each time we start to film the new commercial (for this campaign), I fully realize that we are getting very close Christmas again."

On that occasion, reporters asked her about her personal Christmas plans for this year, and she replied with a bitter smile, "In case I won't have to work, I will... No, I haven't really decided yet."

Last year she was the first to reserve one of the barrel sets and it looks like she is going to get some barrels again this year. "I still love chicken and could eat it every day! You all should reserve some as well!"

In the new commercial, 'Santa Ayase' gives party barrels to various people in the land of barrels as presents. Said fantasy land was also recreated in form of a miniature set for the PR event, which quickly caught the attention of Ayase. She squealed, "It's so cute! I want to take it home with me!"

The new commercial is scheduled to start airing on November 24th.

You can check out the clip from the PR event along with the new commercial below!


Source + Pictures: Oricon


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