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Eikura Nana promotes her new photobook, wants to play more daring roles

October 30, 2011 @ 5:08 pm
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On Sunday, actress Eikura Nana attended a launch event for her new photobook "NANA tremor".

"NANA tremor" is Eikura's first photobook in five years and is filled with an unusual large amount of sexy shots from the 'cute' actress. She stated, "It turned out as a very stylish and wonderful photobook. I give it full marks!"

Of course, this photobook also emphasizes her charming, natural facial expressions, but this time she made more use of her beautiful figure and long legs.  Sexy swimsuits and bewitching lingerie display the actress in a totally different light.

She commented, "Many people around me praised me for challenging myself that much for this photobook, but for me this wasn't really anything special."  Feeling satisfied, she added, "I'm glad that I'm able to show everyone a new side of me."

Eikura also revealed that she first showed the completed photobook to her parents, who looked at it with mixed feelings. She explained with an embarrassed grin, "When they looked through photobook, they said, 'Please don't expose yourself more than this.'"

She also explained that she would like to display this transformation from cute to sexy on the screen and said, "People often tell me that I'm more suited for naive and simple roles, but I want to challenge myself with more evil and daring roles that make me look as mysterious as in this photobook."

We probably won't see another new photobook from Eikura anytime soon, but she commented, "I don't know in how many years it will be, but I'd like to shoot another one as soon as I feel like the time is right."

Right now, the actress can be seen in the drama 'Mitsu no Aji' (Fuji TV).  Further, she has a starring role in the movie, 'Antoki no Inochi', slated for a release on November 19th.

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Source + Pictures: Oricon


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