Hamada Gaku & Koizumi Miyuki are expecting their first child

October 31, 2011 @ 2:13 am
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It's been revealed that actor Hamada Gaku and supermodel Koizumi Miyuki are expecting their first child!

According to sources, Koizumi is currently 6 months pregnant and is scheduled to give birth in late-February. She recently wrapped up her first stage play, "Audubon no Inori", and plans to go on maternity leave when time comes.

The two met last summer through a mutual friend, and immediately started dating. They got married back in July, and created a buzz over their height difference of 19 cm (7.48 inches).

Hamada joked, "I pray from the bottom of my heart that the baby doesn't look like me," and continued, "I want to prepare an environment where the baby can grow up carefree."

A person closely associated with Hamada said, "His motivation has increased as he will welcome a new family member. We feel he will devote himself to work even more." Hamada will star in the movie, "Potechi", which will hit theatres next spring.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Source: Sanspo


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