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Michibata Jessica becomes a model for TAG Heuer

October 6, 2011 @ 7:06 pm
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On October 4th, model Michibata Jessica (26) attended an event for watch brand TAG Heuer in Tokyo.

As the image character for this brand, this popular model showed up to the event in a long, black dress featuring a thigh-high slit and showed her muse-like figure to the audience. As the first Japanese to be chosen as the image character for this brand, she stated, “I really think of this as a great honor,” and expressed her happiness with a smile.

Furthermore, singer and owner of a motor racing team Kondo Masahiko (a.k.a Matchy) (47) won a “TAG Heuer Award” which he received as one of the leading people in contributions to the growth of Japan’s motor racing industry. Matchy, who flourished in the world of entertainment and motor racing, was introduced at the event as “Japan’s Steve McQueen”. While hiding his embarrassment from such praise, he said, “I love watches so I am really happy about this,” and gave his thanks to the audience.

Source & Image: Daily Sports


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