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Check out the details on Stereopony's upcoming album

November 8, 2011 @ 2:20 am
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Stereopony will release their third album "More!More!!More!!!" on December 7th, and recently they revealed the details on the upcoming album.  It will come in three different editions.  Check out the information below!

<Track List>
1. Introduction
2. Blowin' in the wind
3. Hana Hiraku Oka
4. I am a hero
5. Tatoeba Utaenaku nattara
6. Chiisana Mahou
7. Bibara Bibara
8. Amaryllis
9. Supergirl
10. Oshare Bancho 2011~feat.NAOTO from ORANGE RANGE~
11. Arigatou
12. Canvas ni Watashidake no Iro wo Nosete

<Limited Edition A>
[CD] (track list above)
- Anime NEXT 2010 Documentary (New Jersey)

<Limited Edition B>
[CD] (track list above)
- Anime Boston 2011 Documentary (Boston)

<Regular Edition>
[CD only] (track list above)

Source & Image: Stereopony official site

Thanks to Derek for the tip!


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