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Takei Emi to hold debut event on her 18th birthday

November 17, 2011 @ 9:03 pm
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It's been revealed that actress Takei Emi will be holding her debut event on her 18th birthday, December 25th.

As we reported earlier, Takei will be making her singing debut on December 14th with the single, "Koi Suru Kimochi", written by GLAY's TAKURO.

The single will come in three different versions: Limited Edition A, Limited Edition B, and Regular Edition. The Limited Edition A will come with a DVD containing the music video and making-of clip for "Koi Suru Kimochi", while the Limited Edition B will include a 36-page photo book.

The event will be held for those who purchase a copy of Takei's debut single. Additional information is available on Takei's special mobile website.

Check out the jacket covers and teaser for "Koi Suru Kimochi" below!


<Limited Edition A>

<Limited Edition B>

<Regular Edition>



Source + Photos: Oricon


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